The campaigns related to the climate emergency started in 2016 in Australia based upon growing concerns that society was not recognising the impending global catastrophe related to climate change. By August 2019 the IPCC outlined that to meet a 1.5 degree global warming target we needed to reach net zero by 2050 at the latest. Now in July 2022 we see the IPCC present their latest model which reveals that we are on course with a 4 degree temperature rise by 2100. Basically not only will that wipe out most existing agriculture but it will also mean most mammalian life will be unable to survive. This week there has been a marine heat wave in the Mediterranean which sea temperatures were between 3.5 degrees and 5 degrees warmer than last year. This reduces marine oxygen and is likely to cause significant marine deaths. In addition we had an article based upon extensive research in the Atlantic which shows that the marine plankton ecosystem is collapsing.

Bizarre as it might seem most people seem to accept this and carry on. As a rational scientist I find that hard to understand. As part of the climate emergency presentation I was preparing in the new year I investigated the animal populations so there are 20 billion chickens and 8 billion people with us getting through 3 chickens a year. Domestic pigs sheep and cows outweigh the biomass of humanity although there are about half the number compared to people all together at around 4 billion.

At the same time I looked at the 10 iconic species we all love as children and these are: Lions, Tigers, polar bears, pandas, giraffe, elephant, cheetah, snow leopard, gorilla, blue whale and rhinos and the total global population of all these is the same as the number of people born in 2 days on earth at present. (400,000 total number) We really are an epidemic of humanity.

That said 5% of humanity use over 50% of the earths resources so a wealthy American has a carbon emission of 50 tonnes per person or more yet the average is closer to 16 and in the UK its 5 where as in Uganda its 0.1 tonne per annum. So the problem is a consumption addiction and that’s linked to wealth. Having said that flights are getting cheaper and more available and as they are subsidised these can easily multiply carbon emissions with a 3000 mile flight doubling a UK residents carbon emission in 1 go.

We also come to realise that we are in a Global Government operated by a ruling elite. Without going into detail we have managed to operate globally related to a COVID “Pandemic” vaccinating many of the population multiple times and yet not managed to even begin to tackle climate change in any coherent response. Lets put it simply there were 26,000 domestic planes on earth at around 2020. That’s not many planes to ground or to change and yet not only have we not tackled air born emissions they have actually risen despite us getting more aware of the damage that their emissions can do in the high atmosphere. During Covid flight emissions hardly reduced and with other actions like chem trails some flying increased. The Covid epidemic didn’t follow any environmental rules resulting in the massive use of disposable masks creating an enormous carbon footprint when we know we should be reducing it.

A spiritual war
The result of all this is a massive distrust of Government and the ruling elites and this is exacerbated with the social problems in our society. The abuse of children starts at primary school and children are encouraged to keep secrets from their parents they are encouraged to create their own sense of self when that that should be a part of standard part of moral guidance until adulthood to support cultural norms and a positively focused society. All children need to learn messages about what love is not to be taught sexual politics. Bizzarely sex education is promoted as Love. Of course there are many form of love and sex is often abuse not love. Moral values are the cornerstone of all society and teaching children the value of telling the truth and yet we see a world where people can create their own truth rather than seeing it built around sound reasoning and rational argument. The spiritual war is a war against the young to so destroy them and any practical understanding of reality or the tools to identify
truth. Many people create their own truth and that undermines all laws hence people now believe in a flat earth, that carbon dioxide levels increasing is good, that they can create their own reality. There is a great deal of science which has been undermined due to Covid. We know the stats have been manipulated and that the vaccine is more damaging than good, has a cocktail of biproducts in it and that the real covid deaths are no worse than a standard influenza bug. There has also been a big exposure of the rockafellers and the global world order since the 1900s and the abuse of the planet through oil and people through pharmaceuticals.

What’s particularly surprising to me is that we don’t even know what a woman is any longer. When I reviewed the bible in the light of the earth’s destruction I can see that this extreme destruction of the divine feminine has been the purpose of society since the fall of man and Eden. The fall of man created this civilisation which is built not around partnership and mutual benefits but around domination and control. It is demonstrated in the exploitative economic and banking system, in farming, chemicals, healthcare, security, government, energy, food supply, social support everything. Control rests in fewer and fewer hands until I guess it self destructs which is where we are now. The last few years have been dominated by the abuse of the young and women because otherwise they would have risen up already. So assertive nurturing women become mothers (often through date rape) and are diverted
from any higher goals and they never recover their careers. At a time when we need to make the planet secure for a healthy future for all life, predatory people exploit and I see that there is significant people trafficking in young people now who have few options which opens them up to extreme abuse. There is a hidden dark culture which children know but don’t speak about and this opens them up to abuses they would never dare tell their parents and which seems to be perpetuated by a state which encourages children to keep secrets from their own parents as we have discovered in sex education. The music industry encourages girls to act sexually submissive to men from twerking for anal sex to following rap tracks which are depraved and the musical frequency holds back a feeling of personal wellbeing and empowerment.

I tried to host an earth day event in April to bring back the best positive music of the last 40 years and had to postpone it due to spiking threats and worries over date rape drugs and after that I have received testimony after testimony the last being a 40 year old friend who told me she had an attempted date rape from a “Friend” woke up covered in bruises and over the next month recovered some of her memory and remembers using a rock to hit the guy on the head in the park and so escape. That’s just one I know of paralysations and just severe ongoing trauma and girls who are just in seclusion while this society either recovers or falls. I have also witnessed at a number of venues and seen how some girls are now so submissive to certain men they show no personal identity even when
they are not drugged.

Of course being young adults I have been told by some very immoral men that girls don’t care anymore. However that’s due to the systematic abuse by men and a society which does nothing to protect the young and vulnerable. The police in Scotland do nothing they neither report or investigate cases and many young people do not trust the police or the Government system at all. What is so strange is that parents and grandparents are either in denial or are effectively complicit.

We are now all suffering from extreme climate and societal anxiety and this just attract more abusers to take advantage. That said we are beginning to recognise the young do not want to accept this world the way it is and will not suffer more societal abuse.

Given the climate collapse there is little point going to university given that society itself will not be the same in 3 years and its unlikely that Universities themselves can tackle this being stuck in curriculums and escapism to some extent. Its also the case that much education is focused not on how to learn but what to learn and that loses the individuals sense of curiosity, creativity and investigation.

The only way forward seems to be some form of transition to establish new cultures based around common values. It maybe that’s the way a more permissive society might function with some groups becoming more ecological and others being allowed to follow other paths which will ultimately self destruct. I think this is how the positive future will emerge but it requires the more positive and empathic people to lead this rather than the traditional more bullying and coercive types and and they tend by their nature to be reluctant to put themselves forward and often are recovering from this societies abuses. There is a great book called fix the system not the women by laura bates which provides a good backdrop but not actually a new architecture. This is what I have been working on in
recent months.

Spiritual war –
When I concluded that there is a need to transform our view of the relationship between people and the earth through a spiritual transformation I investigated the bible and concluded that the new testament has been perverted from Jesus ministry of divine love to one of domination by men subservience by women and girls. However it isn’t a sex war it’s a divine feminine and masculine war against the toxic masculine and feminine. To understand the toxic and divine its worth looking at these charts:

Toxic traits: Lying, abusive, selfish, manipulative, underhand, bullying, coercive, destructive, ugly, miserable,

Divine traits: Honesty, empathy, supportive, constructive, logical, emotionally strong, patient, gentle, happy, creative and healing

These can be attributed to the sexes however both men and women have a mix of masculine and feminine traits the general rule is that some traits are more connected with men than women but its often that they are expressed in different ways.

This emotional range of behaviours relates to the present global situation as people are generally finding that rational arguments are not being followed and that seemingly common sense choices become mired in a range of opinions and that even
standard scientific and logical reasoning is being replaced with emotional arguments like the truth can vary depending on your opinion rather than there being a logical basis for believing something. This then creates a world of illusion which is already challenging as the digital environment pervades young peoples world view more than the evidence of life in practice. Most older people have
no experience of the world younger people see until it expresses in some sort of psychological breakdown or extreme change such as cultism etc. Recently a whole class of children in a primary school decided they were gender neutral as a class and this tends to indicate group minds rather than any diversity and individual choice. This is part of what is described in the growth of the hive mind.

The main spiritual challenge seems to revolve around the growth of the jezebel spirit and although by name it could be attributed to women its as prominent and in many far more prominent in men. Its very apparent in certain professions and its extremely coercive and manipulative.

Some of the key elements are:
 Manipulative and inconsistent
 Illogical and emotional
 Personally vindictive
 Aggressive, bullying and selfish
 Sexually abusive

These traits can be attributed to both men and women but can vary as a woman can be an emotional bully whereas a man would be more physical. A man might be more manipulative through male bonded jokes and a woman through more a manipulative use of public messages in variance to private ones etc. This can be seen in how people behave in social bonding shows like love island where gas lighting and other twisted behaviour shows how people can behave to get their own way to manipulate or isolate and use their skills to isolate competitors etc. This is all extremely damaging as rather than helping people it just teaches manipulators more skills in the art of deception.

Many people now profess to explain toxic and jezebel spirits in men and women and can project an agenda to them which is in keeping with their own organisational goals. In that respect churches use the jezebel spirit to indoctrinate those believers into a group psychosis related to female submission, sexual bondage, illogical world views and exhibit further abuse. Secular society uses the jezebel spirit to exhibit sexual immorality, selfishness as a right, group conformity (psychosis) and similarly illogical world views to exhibit abuse also.

Taking it back to Jesus there are 2 commandments:
1. To love the lord your God with all your heart mind and soul and to
2. Love your neighbour as self

Love is the divine love and philial love this is not a sexual or erotic love. That love can only come as a result of a deeper social bond based around mutual respect and a set of common values which set the boundaries for a deeper connection. Erotic love is defined in the bible as consensual, and non abusive any abusive erotic love is not love but a form or sado masochism and it can lead to some very unhealthy relationships. Marriage is clear related to erotic love and that this is a divine bonding between a man and a woman where they agree to become one flesh Mathew 9:15. It does not dictate that erotic love cannot happen outside the bonds of marriage but that an erotic marriage is a bonding of two people into one body and so needs to be undertaken with wisdom.

The issues of a spiritual war with your own personal self are very valuable. The recent pictures of space reveal the infinite scale of the universe and our unique and tiny space on earth. This demonstrates that if the universe is infinite then each of us is effectively in the centre. This human centred view of the earth surrounding us is profound as it makes us in a way divinely responsible for our surroundings. So when people complain of coal power stations in China they should reflect on their purchase of car parts or the plastic toys which they have bought from China at a low price and their role in that process. It the same for everything every action has an effect in a global system and we all have responsibility and we cannot be a divine being unless we take on that responsibility personally and there is no route to paradise without out the humility to serve the earth more than ourselves. So once you recognise your central role in both a physical self you can also see that the abuse to the planet connects with the abuse you have experienced and meted out so we can all mutually heal in harmony with the earth too. This healing interconnection is like the declaration of interdependence at the end of this report.

Case Study – The jezebel spirit and the way it can affect our ability to tackle life issues

In my case this spiritual war has been going on in my personal life without me really recognising it as such. And as a result of dealing with my own spiritual healing due to the loss of both my parents and a set of abusive actions over recent years related culminating in a cancelled divorce meeting and the issues with my dog I have come to reflect on what I need to do to heal and thereby be more effective in dealing with the ecological collapse we have witnessed. I have come to this conclusion because the trauma of these ocean tipping points, the extreme summer heat wave, the personal abuse around my home (I have had to change the locks twice now and still am concerned related to intruders into my garden) as well as this terrible abuse of young women in our region, the failure of the police and even the general experience of a psychological abuse of the English people who are pro the union. Thus
caused me to have a major mental trauma which I am still trying to get proper support from my GP. However I have been able to get support from friends in my Church, my female pastor and through Empaths International.

Jonathan Proctor – Personal testimony related to a life with the jezebel spirit and narcissism (2022)

My earliest memory is of going to swanage in Dorset and paddling in the sea I still vividly remember the way the waves like watery hands tickled over my toes and my fear and delight when it didn’t hurt but was great fun. I think I was with my sisters and my Mum and Dad at that time. My only other early memory is us getting our first TV and us all watching the Christmas broadcast about the earth for earthrise and the other moon landings such as the first steps and the men in a lunar buggy. I wanted to be good at football and played when I was still under 5 with a ball. I remember playing at the hotel we stayed at but no one wanted to play with me so I played on my own, my Dad never played football with me we played cards and chess but that was always him versus me never anything just for joy together. At the hotel the waiter noticed and so he would play with me in the evenings. Some time later as I was getting to 10 I think my Mum told my dad I wanted to play football with him like the other dads did and so he took me to Gatley to a football competition. I wore my stuff and was picked in a team I didn’t know any of the other boys there and Dad watched from the side. I played game and game and we lost all the time. I didn’t really have any team mates and everyone just chased the ball it was really very upsetting and Dad wasn’t really happy I had kept losing. I never asked to play football again so I got more into nature instead. Now My dad wasn’t really present much in my life anyway he was busy with work and was in the masons and the theatre club and often out late and I remember asking my Mum and Gran if they were married because they were always together and I never really saw my Dad. Even at the weekends I didn’t spend time with him. I built a reptillary with bricks but Dad
didn’t help me build it even though I got permission off Mum and Dad. When he built a garage he didn’t ask me to help or teach me anything so I never learned any DIY. I did find out that he had my eldest sister mixing concrete with him and they did stuff but I don’t have any similar memories. I did become a lonely boy a bit I had lots of friends at school and sometimes they came round to the house to play cricket etc. But mostly I took an interest in nature. I do think that that was because I felt odd in my own family. When I was with my gran and all my cousins I used to have such fun with them all but at home things were different.

I did kept various pets and loved newts I had a pet crested newt and I cant remember her name I do remember singing to her “I need your love so badly” it was a darts song at the time and I sang to her a lot. One day she even laid some eggs and even though there wasn’t a male so I read up on it and learned about parthogenisis when animals can have immaculate conceptions. I stated becoming a herpetologist.

Around that time I was wondering who I was I felt special but not sure and I remember asking God after some Sunday school class anyway I clearly got the voice saying Appolyon. I didn’t know who Appolyon was but in the end found out he was another name for the angel of death or the devil. I was very upset and decided not to tell anyone but to make sure I saved animals and nature not kill things. How I got the voice I don’t know I think its possible people can speak telepathically but it hadn’t happened before and I decided not to ask questions of God anymore best not to know.

I did keep lots of pets but also having pets like snakes I would feed them goldfish etc. So in a way I was aware of death and didn’t really mind in fact the goldfish for my snakes came from a fish farm and they would give me the ones which were ill anyway. However after a few years the grass snake died as well. But that’s the trouble with pets they do die.

My Dad I now have come to realise was a narcissist. He wanted to be famous as a singer like Frank Sinatra and be high up in the Masons he was worshipful master quite a lot of times at the Masonic Hall in Manchester and he was a top salesman in computers. He was clever and good at maths and a good accountant but not interested in nature not even much in team sports or football. I did come to find out that earlier in his life he had played football in the army but was set upon in a match and had both of his ankles broken. I think he was very good at cards maybe that was why either way he ended up isolated and went into a more secretarial role. I never learned or saw my dad play any team sports. Generally I didn’t invite children back to my house I am not sure why not maybe it was because I liked my own company anyway so didn’t need to go seeking people out.

As for my thinking my Dad a narcissist it really only came to me towards the end of his life when I read about a narcissist having 3 children. Classic psychologists state that they tend to have a golden child an ignored child and a scapegoat. I can see that in our relations in that Julia we all said was the golden child all our cousins agreed. My younger sister my dad always dismissed and this came to a head after my Mum passed and I was asking about the wills etc as I wasn’t aware of anything. As it happens Julia is the executor with a firm but neither myself or Cheryl. I think from memory neither myself or Cheryl are even named in the will we are just down as children. When I asked dad why not all three of us he told me that Cheryl wouldn’t be up to it and Julia was local and the obvious choice. She was also his power of attorney when he decided he was on a DNR.

It’s a hard thing to think your Dad might be a narcissist but definitely it was important that we did things his way and he would be quite a bully. On my nephews 21st I drove the car and we had a good evening at the end of the evening we were due to go back and he asked me where the keys were. I said I thought he had them and he said he checked his pockets and no I must have lost them. So I went all over the venue up and down the street and everyone blamed me. My Mum had to go back in a minibus and cut her leg. When we all got back safe and sound I said how I couldn’t understand how they could have disappeared and I asked dad did you even check your cardigan pocket and when he did he found the keys. He then displayed them all theatrically. He never apologised and I just accepted it.

Mostly I connected with nature and that wasn’t my Dads thing so that was that. He expected a lot of me and tended not to congratulate me but that was standard in those days mostly if was well we would expect you to do well rather than well done. In a way it acted as a driver for me anyway.

The fact I am an empath with nature and animals maybe grew because of my isolation anyway I liked singing to my animals which I kept and I kept chameleons and even was the first person the breed them in the UK when I was around 16.

It was at that time I got my first girlfriend and she was very pretty. I didn’t really have much to do with my sisters and their friends they had their own things they went ice skating which my Dad took them too but I want in the scouts or anything like that I think I would have like the scouts but it didn’t come into my head I guess I was happy wherever and could spend hours looking at pond life and all the creatures going about their lives. I think people tended to leave me alone and so I left it like that.

My girlfriend Roseana (she was half west Indian and I was amazed she liked me) anyway at 16 I wasn’t ready for sex or much intimacy apart from kissing and when she wanted to go further I got very embarrassed and wasn’t ready for the shocking excitement of it all so I didn’t go further. Anyway a few weeks into the relationship we were due to meet at a party but I didn’t know the address my friends said they would ring me with the address and so I could get Dad to take me. But a call never came after about 9pm I went to the phone and it was off the hook. I had told my younger sister Cheryl that I was waiting for my girlfriend to call and she had been speaking earlier to one of her friends so she accidentally left it off the hook. My other friends said Roseana had been really good and hadn’t got off with any of them but the following week she decided that we shouldn’t go out anymore and that was the end of that. I was too young for a girlfriend but I was upset that my sister left the phone off the hook. Maybe it was deliberate maybe not.

My sister particularly my youngest one would call me names like stiff and gawp and make fun of me not going out on a Friday night but I never really needed to and anyway by 17 I was a Christian and happy with younger cousins etc.

I left most of my family behind when I went to Shetland and then Scotland and would catch up for Christmases and other events but not too much else. They were there and when we were together it was OK. I did notice that Andrea my wife struggled with my sisters she tried to fit with them and they were nice but always closed. None of my sisters ever came to Scotland to see us although we went to see them in Shrewsbury and London sometimes.
I was married in 2001 and it was a phillial marriage I told my wife I wasn’t comfortable with marrying just her because I wasn’t attracted to her that way and found other girls more attractive. She said that was OK but I am not sure she really meant that. Andrea was an unusual girl she had come from a broken home her Mum was quite a strong person and although she loved and admired her a lot her Mum didn’t really like me. In fact at one point Andrea told me that her Mum had told her to be prepared for a divorce and that every man lets down his wife. I didn’t agree but then I hadn’t had her experiences.

In 2005 I was working with international tourism and met the head of the world travel organisation Euginio Unis as they became part of the UN. I also witnessed hurricane Katrina and how it destroyed New Orleans and realised that this was part of a biblical process where God comes back in a cloud. So I arranged to go the US and I presented at a women’s conference organisers conference I heard about and presented the work we did and pitch the idea of a declaration of inter-dependence I found out about and they enjoyed my presentation even crying when I told them I had only come across from the UK because of Katrina and was only presenting to them as they could spread the word if they wanted.

With Eugenio Unis I asked him to help save the Northern white rhino because they were being badly poached and I had seen them in 1989 and 1994 and that as a UN world heritage site the UN should protect them. Well they did send UN peace keepers there to defend the animals the first time they had been deployed to save animals but 8 got killed by the Lords resistance army. At the time they didn’t tell me that had happened so I remember praying a lot about it and trying to tell the animals to disappear so no none could see them and become invisible. I also tried to speak to them and although I am not sure I could like I used to with my newts. So in the end I felt a connection with the soul of the earth a deep blue place and then I found I was creating all this poetry even though I hadn’t written any before. I created a website and put it all on and I found it a release from my stresses. However I started seeing demons and devil eyes and finding that things changed around me so I ended up in hospital and on mental drugs and was diagnosed as bipolar. I carried on working as we had no choice but I was mostly OK I discovered it was seasonal and came to terms with it.

Over the next few years I had a few blips where the satanic world took over my vision and I had to be rescued by my sister in Potters bar. We then travelled to Shrewsbury and I went with her to see my parents. That night I watched a programme with my sister about a virus killing everyone and I got super anxious that it was real and wanted to go outside to check everything was ok. I think I told Andrea my wife about my worries and she said it was OK but I was still worried. Andrea rang Stewart my brother in law to tell him that if I wanted to go out to ensure that I was helped as it would send me more over the top. Julia and Stewart arrived and were in the kitchen I went to go outside to go in the garden but the house was locked. I couldn’t get out and they said they had no key. I knew they were lying but wasn’t going to get into a fight so I went upstairs I went into my Mums bedroom opened a tiny window and jumped out. The window is less than the size of a briefcase and I have no recollection of how I got out or how come I didn’t land on my head. I believe I was saved by angels but I did break the head of
my femur.

It took me three years to get walking properly again and only really well the last 4 years. Why they didn’t listen to Andrea I found shocking and I am still waiting for an apology for that behaviour but now I realise its not what narcissists and jezebel spirits can do. After that Andrea and I didn’t have much to do with my family apart from Mum and Dad. As our relationship was challenging Andrea was not communicating and although I had a great time working on my work and wit our new Dog Nootka I was writing stories about her and developing some ideas
for doing things like children’s stories. I found that I felt telepathically connected to young people but not sure why and if it was just my imagination but I really felt this connection primarily with Nootka.

By 2018/19 we were hitting the climate emergency and I needed to take more control of my businesses due to some mis management and concerns about accountants and the way the marketing advisor Susan Ireland was working etc. Over the previous few years she had become Andreas best friend and working advisor and it seemed
increasingly apparent that she was working against our standards and I had been steadily isolated. Of course this could have been led by Andrea or she could have been a victim. Andrea is sensitive and carries trauma and might be being led by another narcissist or psychopath i.e. Scott our new marketing advisor who had been recommended by Susan Ireland etc.

As I was doing my Audits I took our receptionist Hannah Blakely on an audit to Fife Zoo, she is into animals and has skills which I thought could be enhanced. This was I discovered there was a report in the system with my name on it which had been done incompetently over the telephone for a business just a few miles away and therefore against our standard auditing practices. When we were on site we discussed the issue and it had been done by one of our other assessors a female and the directors were surprised that the report was as it was but didn’t feel able to complain. We re-did the report and I was then starting to do an investigation into the systems. At this point I still thought this was just some rogue reports and mistakes in the staff I was not really aware of a greater issue.

However, in 2019 my Mum had a stroke and I went down to help her and we thought she might recover but it was a big one and took her swallowing and ability to walk. She tried walking but she couldn’t and so it was a steady decline to her death. I told my Dad about my difficulties with my wife and her increasing alcoholism and the concerns with the business and his advice was to write a letter about getting a divorce and so I wrote to Andrea after showing him and hoped to discuss it with Andrea once she had had a look.

Andrea said she needed a little time to consider what she was thinking and so she went to Orkney for an event and then I was down in London. Of course we ran 2 businesses together and had been married for 20 years so I saw no problem in taking some time to work out what was best for us both.

I was also down south in November to a fund raising for Resurgence magazine at Lords cricket ground and had a table with many of our leading members and the next morning found out I had been removed as a director and all my access to the server which belonged to my own company had been taken from me. I returned to Scotland and found the office had been gutted and all things removed and relocated. Over £50k was taken from my bank account and all my own materials stolen.

So looking after my Mum over Christmas allowed me to witness more of my sisters behaviour when I told of the loss of my business, dog, the cruel behaviour of my wife at a really sensitive time and the stealing on a lot of money as well as removing me from a role during an important fundraising event with some of our best businesses I got no sympathy what she did instead is start crying and told me she wasn’t sure if she might lose her job. Bizarre as it is now I actually started to comfort her about her worries rather than find her behaviour offensive however I wasn’t aware of all this psychology at that point and she is my sister.

Over Christmas and the new year although we knew it was going to be a last Christmas I was on my own with Mum and Dad. Cheryl had agreed to be with Chris’s family and Julia although local had other people staying maybe her in-laws too.

So we were alone and I gave Mum a lovely set of pottery from Poland I had got at the Perth Market although she wasn’t really able to notice much. We had great carers and she was able to sit in the living room with a hoist but that was the last day out of bed. Julia did come round briefly and I do have a picture of us together.

When I got back to Scotland and dealing with my accounts I found out that my wife over the new year was with my marketing director and now MD in a holiday cottage on the west coast with my Dog as she had put the booking and expenses in my business account. It was a hard thing to take.

Of course with the backdrop of me recovering from the drugs I had been on for over 10 years (a mis diagnosis) as the psychological problem related to other matters. I believe all these actions were orchestrated to give me a mental breakdown however the break down before was due to the death of soldiers, the extinction of a species I was trying to rescue and the climate breakdown. None of these things that caused me anxiety were personal they were more empathic and anyway deciding that I needed to end an unhappy marriage was actually a good thing and I felt it was the right thing to do and my holy spirit seemed to be much happier and so although I broke down quite a lot particularly over the dog I seemed to be resilient enough to weather it although I am glad some of it was separated and I wasn’t aware that there were so much of this jezebel spirit and in fact I wasn’t really aware of the spiritual war at that time.

Since those earlier days of lockdown I have found greater and greater abuses directed at young people and towards drug abuse, sexual abuse, abuse from the state system and a general nationalistically driven abuse never mind this greater abuse towards proper science, creative entrepreneurs and the vulnerable. During these times I had a number of things stolen from my home to de-stabalise my mental health. This could be because neighbours may have had access to keys to the house and remained friends with Andrea and are nationalists. The worst things taken were the papers for my divorce, contacts with solicitors, the pottery gifts I got my Mum for her last Christmas, my extension cables for my hedge trimmers a hedge trimmer, a set of step ladders an a set of gifts I was going to give to kids if we set up an eco club with the local school. Unfortunately the teachers won’t support
me for the nationalist reasons.

There is so much more to this story of abuse and the narcissists and psychopaths we face and I don’t write this to apportion blame but to highlight how it can become a perfect storm and that the problem is a spiritual attack and not the people themselves just their own fears manifesting as aggression manipulation and abuse. I don’t tend to feel fear which is a more reptilian brain response hence some people see visual manifestations of this psychology when they are very sensitive.

Of course I will need to tackle these issues to some extent. Society in Scotland is broken and needs to change. The connection between England and Scotland needs repairing there is no value in this continuing. Maybe this testimony and the actions I am taking will open minds and hearts towards some kind of trust and reconciliation as happened with the anti apartheid times in South Africa.

A GREAT HOPE FOR THE FUTURE -Truth & Reconciliation
It may seem that my report is all doom and gloom but it isn’t. Some very positive things have happened:
1. This report is produced and available to anyone.
2. People are beginning to have more discussions about these issues
3. The fact I have found out about the trafficking in the US seen it in Scotland and recognised that there are some really awful people out there is good thing because we can now tackle it.
4. The fact that young people are beginning to realise that they don’t have to accept this abuse.
5. Older people are beginning to get a stronger sense of their responsibility and accountability.
6. There is a spiritual awakening and I have met some fantastic people online.
7. People are beginning to support me although I still come across a lot of weakness and deception.
8. The economic system is showing signs of collapse which will cause change
9. People are actually recognising that the weather is getting to chaotic and hot.
10. People realise that there has been a lot of Government manipulation and criminal abuse.
11. People are realising that health and spirit is connected.
12. My church the Nazarene is beginning to embrace the need to lead a transformation of our city and I believe it will help me with my business ideas too which would be a great way to support the church as well as develop the teams we need to help drive positive change.