It seems an inevitable consequence of the human condition to overlook dismiss and undermine genius in an effort to maintain a status quo even and even especially if the change represents a fundamental improvement to our lives. Perhaps the most famous change maker is Christ himself who through his divine intelligence and commitment outlined a new way of living based upon love and devotion to others which still resonates as the greatest of human achievements and has inspired a great many to greatness also. As a Christian I connect with his divine message and have done since a child at Sunday school and my grandmothers matriarchal family teaching of love and sharing.

Reflecting on this present emergency makes me recognise how we are so ill equipped to deal with it in an ordered way without a great soclai and ecological movement the likes the world has never seen.

We have and are sacrificing the earth and much of this is now being done in the name of the environment from electric cars to biofuels. We are also mired in a world of fear brought on by the manipulation of information and the isolation and egotism that it has caused. From recent experiences in my social and working life I can see how this isolation is creating a form of tribalism which continues to divide and prevent genuine collaboration between the right minds and personalities to deliver the change we need.

In fact I see a world of slavery all the way from the super rich who isolate themselves with extreme wealth and prejudice and the poor or who are also dis-enfranchised from having a fair route to a positive future and the opportunities to succeed which is so essential to orchestrate this transition.

Over recent years I have steadily increased the demonstration of my faith in nature, God and the divine messages from Christ. What is so apparent to me is how few people really embrace these fully and so we all suffer in isolation and as a group. What is even more disturbing is how those who control or manage their tribal groups prevent or persecute any rational or voices of concern.  

We are facing imminent and irreversible ecological collapse and yet all the ruling elite, companies, businesses and society remain not only in denial but complicit in its destruction. I have now been subject to a number of statements which highlight my actions and compassion etc as inappropriate from sharing poems and stories and my faith as well as my criticism of the poor practices now employed in the sustainable development industry (many of which are self serving enterprises).

Of course I recognise many fear change particularly if you have a present comfortable lifestyle (some of whom have done very well during the Covid crisis either legally or illegally). The great issue is analogous to us all being on the titanic together.

The captain has reports from the observers on the foredeck that we are about to hit the rock. These observers are the scientists, social visionaires and ecologists. The mass behind are now getting increasingly perturbed on deck.

Meanwhile the middle managers are busy rearranging the deckchairs and making a living selling their wares playing music etc. Some of which no doubt is good for morale. The engineers and economists below decks are busy stoking the engines further considering the best opportunities for them is to blow through the rock so mighty is the titanic they have created.

The captain dithers due to a lack of clear understanding and real leadership and asks his lieutenants. These people observe the growing panic on deck and suggest that the captain barricades the door insulates the room from the sound of panicking and they plan a separate escape route via a life-raft they are hastily inventing.  

The first class passengers are now in uproar and blame the cheap passengers for being the problem due to their excessive baggage and consider ways to eliminate them and make it to the life rafts too. That really is the world we are in.

Of course should the titanic sink then there will be two life raft types those that fight each other steal and cheat their way on board and those will then fight amongst themselves for what’s left on the boat as they continue their struggle to survive in a world with ever diminishing resources and another set who will work co-operatively and support one another and row together for a paradise island as long as they have a visionary with an understanding of the waters they are in and a map to get them there.

For me I have always known a paradise island because I grew up in a polluted town called Stockport and even at the age of 8-9 was anxious about the collapse of the environment and the loss of endangered wildlife. This was the 1970’s and our local river was the river Mersey. It was totally dead from a generation of industrialisation and exploitation of the local natural environment. Every Saturday we would go with my sisters and my Mum to the precinct to get my sisters nice clothes of course I would also get something but generally I wasn’t interested finding it strange that they would bury a river under concrete. At home I used to love spiders and their webs and kept frogs and newts and other pondlife if I could find any locally.

One day as a treat we went on a day trip to the Peak District and we went to a wonderful place called Dove dale & Millers Dale. We went with my gran my great Auntie Margaret my Mum Dad and sisters and I was so taken with the wildness and beauty of a proper natural river full weeds and fish that I never forgot it and have kept it as a memory of paradise/eden from those days. In fact there was a famous song called “seasons in the sun” and I remember singing that to myself all along the journey.

What I didn’t realise was that this was the start of my environmentalist journey which has taken me to here a time when its not one river and a few endangered species but now the whole earth and all life which is collapsing and it looks like my paradise island is now under imminent threat too.

So most recently I have put together ideas for a complete transformation of the destination based around a movement to tackle carbon emissions and save our earth. What I now come to see is that the powers that be don’t really want change. There seems to be a total lack of faith, imagination, humility or collaboration. People in authority are too comfortable and too frightened or apathetic to change.

Its also seems too late for the young there is little point working hard for the next ten years in the hope of a better career or lifestyle when its unlikely that we will have any effective society by then given the direction we are headed.

Covid has killed the future for so many. Such a betrayal by the ruling elites, scientists the media and Government not to recognise the real existential threats and have the humility to make real sacrifices to tackle them.

So I am left with my friends and my faith and now we start a great movement with little resources, but a hope and a prayer and a set of songs and stories to guide us.


Can we succeed? Of course. Will we succeed well that depends upon you the reader and whether you can see the leadership in myself and if you are willing to follow a social media campaign I will lead and help me find the resources to make the extraordinary happen and save that little boy from the 1970’s who still dreams of paradise, has given his life to discover it and protect it and who wants to return there without the sounds of Terry Jacks still ringing in his ears. (and books like silent spring).

You  see Song thrushes are now on the red endangered list and no one cries out, the seasons are lost and no one screams, in 3 days there are more new people born on earth than the total population of all our iconic wildlife left on earth – Lions, Giraffes, Elephants, Snow leopards, Gorillas, Tigers, Pandas, Polar Bears, Cheetah and Blue Whales and yet no one leaves their old life behind and follows Jesus they rather follow a rat race, the delusion of wealth and the exploitation of others particularly the young and vulnerable.

I write this piece and wait to see if there are any responses any love, compassion, commitment and I am left to wonder is it my lack of faith in humanity that makes so many human failures or is their lack of humility before God. A world without an awe of God results in all this fear based greed, jealousy and apathy. I know that the greatest leaders are the greatest servants and that real authority comes from the divine and that money is the most abundant resource and love the least.

I recognise the enemy lies in the economic system so today I call on bit coin to fall and the pound to rise. I do so because bit coin is truly built on nothing but a pyramid and so I will put some faith in the Queen and her great jubilee year. She has always been a dutiful Christian, she has let go of her kingdom for a commonwealth of nations and I follow her by starting to create a commonwealth of destinations through earth-rising (we have started with an agreement with the Peak District DMO) and when we have 100 my company will be wholly owned by all of them and if we can do this in 10 years maybe I can sleep in peace and find that little lost boy jumping stepping stones and loving nature and I can have a life where I can love life again discover that new earth paradise/Eden and leave the greedy/ selfish world behind.  

You see although I am a Christian I believe in faith and action, words and deeds and I will not wait for Christ to return but try to grow that divine essence in myself and my teaching of others so while you have a moment I suggest you follow these songs and turn this story into a set of social media messages and remember to reach out to me so I can send you more, support you and have a fellowship with my earth-angels.

  • Reckless love – Cory Asbury
  • Always remember to never forget – Christy Nockels
  • Pure Shores – All saints
  • Cherish the day – Sade
  • Forever – Bethel
  • Jesus your beautiful
  • Throne room
  • Seasons in the Sun – Terry Jacks

Finally its not the cross which is the message for these times and the forgiveness of sin. It is the message of love the act of sacrifice for a higher purpose (the purpose demonstrated in the images of Alan Turing, Suffragettes, Gandhi, Franklin, Tesla, Nightingale, Einstein, Newton, Darwin, Rachel Carson, Rosa Parks, Marin Luther, and JFK).

This is our calling anything less in these times is complacency and now I have had a water baptism with a Dove (you can read that on my personal website)  I am ready and able to baptise with living waters and I now see those around me either burning with fire or the holy spirit. Both are blessings in their way.

I know my heart connects with the earth it has done since I extended myself to reach out to the last rhinos many years ago. I also know I can communicate with all nature and we share our thoughts. I guess all the stores come together so I can be a Dr Doolittle, a Mr Smith, a Peter Pan and all the heroes in Lord of the Rings. My biggest fear till recently was could I be a tyrant too. Would money, power or other gifts corrupt me and I can now see that it could never be so because I have always been a gift giver not a taker that I am truly an altruist and that its through fellowship, love and relationship that I find the grace to take from others and in so doing I can take us all to a whole new realm one which transcends the limited dimensions of our present lives and I know that because I can see how I create the world around me and how it responds to my touch and the great spirit.

I am now busy promoting the first event which we are holing at the Loft in Perth. You can get tickets on

Let me finish by sharing the poem I wrote for moon-frog last year while tackling local issues. We destroy so much and often in complete ignorance from the toads which cross the road to the insecticides used in peoples homes and gardens. Recently I discovered that the mining places which supply so many products to us from Zambia are routinely sprayed with DDT. This is a wholly reckless act and is a terrible nerve agent poison invented during the second world war and banned in the 1960’s following Rachel Carsons – Silent Spring. Where she described a world where we could lose the dawn chorus. We are doing that right now and as an example the Song Thrush such a beautiful songster. So if you read this the request is to share it and so fill our fair city with people who love this earth and want wo help heal it. Those who still believe or want to believe and and entrepreneurs keen to see us restore our mutual success before the greedy destroy any chance for a decent future for anyone. You can buy tickets at Stirling Uni through the green shop which launches now and Kirstin looks after them and she is a budding eco lawyer. You can also get them in Stirling City at Aina Café (Angelos) next door to the ground house another great café. In addition you can go to Fife Zoo and I am heading to Dundee, St Andrews and Edinburgh to a few new ones to share on Moon-frog for next week. Perth has a few at Obsession and will have new ticket agents there next week too. This weeks Moon-frog update will contain local pitches and entrepreneurs a taster of the music list and David Attenboroughs secret mission of when I met him in 2008 and we shared a moment about Green Tourism. Sir David is a great knight and we must save the earth for him too. PS I love newts and the Lurista Newt we sponsor at London Zoo is a beautiful dancer.