Curse removal and the new Eden

Of course on Jesus Mum Mirriam and the Magnificat. This is as a cause for the establishment of the new
Eden and the new covenant between man and nature which is so essential for these days and the
abolishment of the old curse on woman set by God after the serpent in Genesis 3 v16. You may not believe
in God or even recognise the God of Abraham but you should recognise that Israel is blessed. Not only that
most agree that the messages of Christ in terms of Love are exemplary for life. In addition the parables have
been repeated many times and that Christ always used messages related to the empowerment and respect
for women, children and the vulnerable as well as a respect for nature from living like a lily to recognising
that God will provide just like he does for little sparrows. Nature is an inspiration especially these days and
humility to God or the Earth and universe is essential if we are to come back into balance.

I wrote the earth tree poem and it has a blessing for all life and I
think it adds to Darwin’s tree of life and I use it to demonstrate the
new Eden is upon us and that in the name of my father and with
the support of my earth mothers I revoke that curse.
I will greatly multiply your pains in childbirth, in pain shall you bring
forth children, yet your desire shall be for your husband and he
shall rule over you. – all this has gone and no church should hold to
these rules. If I have to suffer further for that then so be it. I would
happily do that to protect women from further abuse as I have
witnessed in recent months. No man should rule over his wife
unless its part of a personal and healthy partnership where the
male rules in some aspect and the female in others in a balanced

My friend Joyce a midwife has a pain free birthing business and I see only 3 men in a girls life: 1. Her paternal father, her spiritual father as represented by Christ and the father who brings up her children. I think we should return to a tribal family to bring up the children of the village and not the isolated nuclear family which doesn’t work.

The other blessing I can share to support the Magnificat is:
Truth is the voice of peace, Peace is the face of Love, Love is the heart of Life and Life is the soul of the earth.
This adds to Marys first line in the Magnificat – My soul magnifies the Lord.

As such she is one with the Earth mother who I recognised in this blue photo above as the soul of the earth is
very like this in colour and feel and what I cam to when I meditated and prayed deeply to rescue the White
Rhinos in Garamba when I had to remain in Scotland but knew of their plight.

Little broken heart In the midnight hour I heard it crack…. Crack
My loss for you,,, finally the last cord snapped ..snap
Could not hold on to one so far away
As your last hard words did carry and in my mind did play
Over and over did I hear your soft refrain
But like a trumpet on my hearts weak claim
It trembled and did vibrate the last links free
So cry I did last night in a final plea
I thought my heart so brave and great and strong
Until with soft words and deeds a muffled gong
From you rang deep like whales song and in
The depth of my blue soul and where my faith belongs
Did shift the deep places I hold so dear
And like a giant mouse I realised I was wrong to think my self so big
When in a word from you my world is fear.
Yet in that step I see that you and I are One
I am you and you are me There is none to fear and we can all be free.
This represents a mothers love for her child and her child’s love back. At some point the child must leave
and go its own way and I had to do that too. I cant reach fatherhood without leaving my mother even
mother earth.

That is what it is to go into the void into the blackness of space with nothing to guide you but the lessons you
have been taught and your moral code and bravery. I have jumped dimensions and had to make mental
leaps and am now adept in the spiritual realm with a natural authority and grace but with a gentle humility
like my mother and an acceptance of suffering. However our suffering should be over and that has caused
me to re examine where I am still being affected by lesser forces.

In that I revoke all of Gods curses in Eden following the fall of man in praise of the raising of a new Eden. This
is the end of the spirit of domination, the end of mysogeny, of coercion and manipulation Jezebel spirits and
the growth of matriarchy as extolled by the Elephant.

The circle of life requires a female and male leadership and that is demonstrated by the natural leadership of
the matriarchy through the ecological architect in nature the elephant. They are the ones who planted the
fruit trees around their forests by their natural paths, they create the waterhole and although the lion is the
highest predator the elephant is the highest and strongest and wisest animal and the maintainer of Gods

Animal spirits exist as any first nations can tell you but mans spirits also do and the old earth needed man to
dominate but the new earth needs us to re find our tribal heritage

The 2 curses I removed are:

1. The elephant curse – – this is represented by Ganesh in Hinduism and I managed to make it a self
inflicted one as part of Gods plan for me and related to my impending marital breakdown. That is my
personal curse but there has been a similar curse on the first nations of North America as they
eliminated the Pachyderms in their tribal lands many generations ago. They may not be restored
unless we can do something to recreate the Mammoth but the spirit of the elephant can re awaken
the abundance due to the Lakota and all the first nations in the America’s. Note Indian means in
deus with God and so they are naturally with God and also if they accept Christs message of love
they are also with him.

Ganesh – the elephant idol a golden one I had with family pics. This undermined my connection with my guardians and spiritual family possibly with my Matriarchal family and I see the Ganesh statue has a hand up as a barrier and so throwing it away was very important and symbolic. I am very clear that the holy spirit wanted me to discard at this time. Having got rid of it this morning I went to meeting this evening and already there is great potential to do some work locally on sustainability actions. This was a self inflicted curse and I got it and it spelt the end of my marriage from when we did a holiday to India together. It was not a healthy marriage anyway and that was due to a 3rd curse.

2. The Masonic Curse – our family curse
Masogeny – the free masons who my dad was a member of was also a curse. My
father thought it was something to do with Solomon but its is definitely occultist and a secret society and not Christian. My father treated me as a scapegoat it is a classic from of psychology for a narcissist to have a golden child a forgotten child and a scapegoat if he has 3 kids. I spent time honouring my father and trying to please him but also standing up to him for my Mother. He didn’t like me not being greedy and gave me lots of bad advice. I think that was part of his curse despite him also loving me and in the end I think we bonded well. When he died he said his spirit would be with me and he also said I would try and save everyone if I could. This spiritual curse on my family is also lifted. It is also known as the poverty curse and it affects my Church in PWAMM and so we need to lift it.

I think with our family curse lifted I will bond better with my sisters so we shall see. I think it should grant me
some natural authority so I will see how things go from now on. This single eye also relates to my poetry
from the 2006-10 period and the rise of this controlling world domination. This eye is in the green back the
dollar and it’s a false promise. It holds the world in slavery and has done since the Rothchilds bankrupted the
UK after the Napoleonic wars. It is used since the end of the British Empire as the main global currency but \i
believe it is better than bitcoin as that is based upon nothing. We do need a currency and that can be based
around natural values and love so far natural captalism is just another form of nature exploitation and
commodification and if the first nations are not happy or linked as custodians then the currency cannot be
one with God and the great spirit we both serve. This my duality poem for the decisions you need to make
related to reading this and deciding what kingdom you wish to serve:

Of course both paths are suicide – the egotist destroys all he loves and the selfless are destroyed by
everyone else. The future is about relationship and this demonstrates how this poverty curse affected me.

3. The troll curse
I have two so called cute trolls in my home one is wearing an aqualung and the other a tartan outfit. Trolls
are there to work in the data world like trolls who hassle you on social media. They are there to misinform
and manipulate and damage your connections with others through the ether etc. They can damage lots of
things but for me they have messed up my pc connections and mean I don’t get all the emails sent to me. I
know my pc has been influenced by outside forces. I think all this influence will go and I will get my pc
checked out by a local company I trust as part of a spring clean but first I will remove the curses in my home
and the connection to trolls.

The tartan troll came to me via someone at Visit Scotland and through our work in Scandinavia and with the Swedish welcome. This project was cursed and still its nothing like as good as it could have been. The aqualung troll relates to work in Germany with ecotrans and VISIT. This was the European association of ecolabels we created which great in concept was mired with self interest and manipulation all things Trolls are good at. The project was supposed to be a great marketing programme for all the ecolabels in Europe from 2001 to 2008 but it failed through self interest and Dutch people took the data and work for travellife and the GSTC took over the idea of the ecolabel association and it is now again fallen.

I believe that removing the troll curse will finally release my business to recruiting the two assistants I need. I
lovely girl called Sam is helping me with the social media training and I refer you to another Sam who wrote
a great book on trolls and social media and which I have a few copies to give away for my next event. I think that little Scottish troll looks so arrogant and self serving so glad to see them out of my relationships and my homestead.

Mirriams other invocation is

From generation to generation
He has shown strength with His arm

Great Christian leaders have all shown this and this is represented by
the lion but the real strength comes from the Elephant and I carry that
with my friends from Africa especially Zimbabwe.

So now we can start to show our combined strength through our tribes
and relationships. We are a matriarchy with the Earth Mother Mary and
my Grandmother Jessie at the head. My family are Inghams and that means Homestead. So it is a fitting matriarchal family if you want to join mine or you will be welcome in your own identity too.

Tomorrow I visit Scone Palace to learn more of the stone of Destiny which is returning as well as to select my
spirit stones so I can start teaching that to members of my new tribe and tribal leaders of other tribes
connected with us.

“Tear down idols, tear down strongholds, tear down religions, tear down self righteousness. I want a real
encounter” – I say yes Kim Walker Smith – I say yes too I am what you say I am. May God bless you and our
coming encounter – Jonathan Proctor

How to remove curses and gain blessings

Now to remove a curse I can share a sermon from Ras and Derek Prince

  • There are a few things to do to remove a curse and ain these blessings:
  • Establish a scriptural basis
  • Confess your faith in Jesus
  • Confess any known sins and you and your ancestors (see tribal connection)
  • Forgive any other persons particularly those close to you, pastor, wife, husband, father ,sister, brother in law, business partner etc.
  • Renounce any idols and occult connections
  • Pray with pastor Derek Prince the prayer of release
  • Share your faith that Jesus is Lord to someone nearby.

The removal of the curse and the fall of man can only come through entry into paradise or at least at the gates
I believe but I am not sure. It’s a big curse and it needs a really big blessing and a devotion to this new Eden.

As a scientist I wouldn’t have believed all this stuff about blessings and curses but its so obvious we are in a
demonic world but we also have the tools to escape it. My prayers and my blessings are very powerful and
this spring clean of my homestead this Eastertide sets me and all who work with me to be so blessed. I know
I am really liked and admired but I know that these curses have been a barrier just like a crystal veil between
me and all those I really love, nature beautiful people and all the success my life deserves. What it has done is
as in braveheart. It has refined me more that anything I could have imagined but it has also help us all back
and it really serves us no interest. The whole earth is collapsing and its time we created the beautiful
relationships to be so happy together. I am sure those who follow me will find paradise with me and there
should be no barriers to creating Eden once again and for me to have real children as well as a great army of
spiritual ones.

Finally let me complete this with some blessed symbols which relate to our work together