Declaration of Interdependence

Mission Critical – How we change from Self-Serving to Planet Serving admin@sea– – Easter 2021

When I went to Shetland as a young 24 year old entrepreneur the first thing I did at the weekend was go to Noss to see one of Shetland’s most wondrous wildlife spectacles.

As I walked up that great hill I could smell the smell of fish and then as I topped the rise I heard a great cacophony of calls going “EEEEh, Ehh, EEEE!! Etc. and so this city of gannets seemed to be saying “EEEEEEh Manchester “ to me a common phrase from my home city. READ MORE ….

By signing this declaration, we endeavour to make it our life’s work to live in harmony with nature and to help restore the balance between mankind and the natural systems that all life relies upon.


Declaration Principles

  1. Take Responsibility

I agree that we are responsible for the damage to the planet, through our lifestyle choices and our supply chain. I commit to take action to reduce all my negative impacts and support actions which help create a more sustainable future. 

  1. Be Accountable

I agree to be honest about all my impacts, both direct and indirect, and to consider producing an annual statement related to my actions and efforts to improve. I will not make unfair or misleading claims about my actions and I will tell my story as well as work with other organisations to fairly report on my activities.

  1. Respect all life

I respect all life has a right to exist and I will treat all other living things with respect, ensuring they are treated well, both in their lifespan and through their death. I respect the needs of others and will avoid exploitation and support diversity1 and equality2.

  1. Raise Quality

I will raise quality standards by appreciating beauty in all its forms and value products and services based upon their beauty, utility and durability (BUD). I will avoid using products and services which undermine my objectives to create a more sustainable future.

  1. Learn from Nature

I will endeavour to learn from nature, by taking no more than I need and learning lessons on avoiding waste, reusing resources and sharing the joy I have of life and the necessity to live a more harmonious lifestyle.

  1. Demonstrate Leadership

I will demonstrate leadership by supporting products and services which are working to a create a healthy planet, a vibrant a successful community and support cultural values which align with this declaration. I will work with others to identify opportunities to reduce my own and others impacts, and I will work to identify and deal with issues of major concern.

  1. Inspire others

I will endeavour to raise awareness of these principles and the supporters of them through my daily life and create opportunities for all to join in and share in the successes associated with having a more positive relationship with the planet and my fellow beings.

Diversity 1   By diversity we mean all biological and cultural diversity on earth. Equality2 All beings should have an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives.


Are you ready to join in?
If you sign the declaration not only will we send you a full certificate with your name on it but you can have a free 30 minute consultation to help you on your sustainability journey with Jonathan Proctor one of the world’s leading experts.