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Presentations and Keynotes
As you will note from reading articles and thought leadership pieces on LinkedIn as well as the stories and accounts on this website Jon is an inspiring person with a great small team.

With a story going back to mans first trip around the moon to the forests of the Congo, meeting industry in Washington and the windswept islands of Scotland Jon has pioneered sustainable thinking and actions in practice. Read More ….


Sustainability Systems Development
We have an excellent range of systems which we have developed for clients across the world. Our systems are ethical, robust, effective, efficient and progressive and have been widely recognised for their practical achievements.  

We can design a bespoke auditing system with an efficient set of KPI’s, checks and balances to ensure you avoid Greenwashing and minimising brand risk whilst delivering real positive and practical change in a very complicated marketplace. Read More ….


Carbon Calculator & KPI Developments
Having effective measurement systems are key to delivering change. Poor measurements lead to unforeseen problems.

This has been born out with a number of sustainability goals which although worthy at their outset have led to major problems in the past from the high rise building developments in the 1960’s to the use of over-cladding in the Grenfell tower. Read More ….


Waste Minimisation and other Eco Audits
To Identify waste saving opportunities in business you need a creative imagination and a technical knowledge.

SEA Ltd excel in these areas and we can deliver significant cost savings and sustainability benefits for your business. Read More ….


Accreditations and Licences
SEA Ltd has a growing experience in operating and managing licences related to sustainable development programmes.

We established the audit systems for Green Tourism and operated the UK Licence for tourism properties for the EU flower for a number of years. Read More ….


Corporate Reporting Standards
It is important to report issues in a fair and balance manner and in a form which both technical and the lay person will understand without resorting to general greenwash statements or jargon.

We pride ourselves on establishing good reporting standards which summarise the businesses actions and achievements fairly whilst also highlighting necessary improvements either planned or recommended for the industry type. Read More ….