As you will note from reading articles and thought leadership pieces on LinkedIn as well as the stories and accounts on this website Jon is an inspiring person with a great small team.

With a story going back to mans first trip around the moon to the forests of the Congo, meeting industry in Washington and the windswept islands of Scotland Jon has pioneered sustainable thinking and actions in practice.

He is as at home presenting to a thousand people as he is to a small workshop and his intimate knowledge of the field and his gentle, amusing and supportive approach are welcomed.

Jon has led green teams in many businesses helping to establish effective structures and processes and equally at ease helping the housekeeping department (he cleaned toilets in his early career as a park ranger) as well as with engineers and chefs alike.

Jon is an excellent story teller, so if you have a message you wish to share with your teams or with consumers we can help make it inspiring thought provoking challenging and rewarding.

We have a genuine commitment to see entrepreneurs, authorities, Governments and their stakeholders succeed in their efforts to be responsible and drive the positive changes we desperately need if we are to life harmoniously on planet earth. He lives in Scotland and is presently presenting his latest vision as a Declaration of Interdependence.