We have an excellent range of systems which we have developed for clients across the world. Our systems are ethical, robust, effective, efficient and progressive and have been widely recognised for their practical achievements.  

We can design a bespoke auditing system with an efficient set of KPI’s, checks and balances to ensure you avoid Greenwashing and minimising brand risk whilst delivering real positive and practical change in a very complicated marketplace.

Following a planning meeting we can establish effective terms of reference and design a programme which meets your objectives and your budget. As we have experience of operating programmes for small hotel chains to Governments we are sure we can identify the right package for you.

Our prime expertise relates to food and drink, clothing and tourism however we have undertaken audits over a broad range of services (including transport and professional services)  as well as investigations into supply chains to identify risks and motivate the supply chains involved to deliver effective lasting  change.

We are in a unique position in that we are very experienced in developing the whole system from design and goal setting, training and awareness and team development to auditing and accreditation, marketing, celebrating successes and re-development cycles. 

If your business is looking for a holistic and comprehensive system to make your business a leading practitioner in the sustainable development field then we will are your natural partner.

Our team has a strong technical background as well as skills in goal setting and KPI’s, auditing and motivation, team building and support and in gaining recognition for achievements.

We have a  core group of sustainability KPIs and carbon calculator tools together with a package of inspiring presentations and visionary goals.

This can be established into a working system for your business using the talents of a leading team of environmentalists and entrepreneurs available through SEA Ltd and our associates.