Thought Leadership Piece – The hottest month in human history. Global Warming becomes Global Boiling – July 2023

We are now in biblical events. Ocean animals are rising to fight for the earth,(see Roslin Institute Howard Dryden) – The ocean tipping points have been reached and still men act like they can abuse this earth and our children’s future and all of life. People want change and they want real leadership. I suggest you listen to the UN Chiefs message from the 27th July its 8 minutes and also other references here.

Antonio Antonio

How Far Out Antonio

One point five is your false settoo

A clock long gone to keep us in Hells Ghetto

So we have heard your words and make our spell

As Empaths its your flies and rats we smell

To greenwash plans and earthly summits

Broken down as world confidence now plummets

United Nations oh how your talk becomes so cheap

For in our team we call our little Bo Peeps

She knows full well how to shear a sheep

Let the Blah Blah Blah of your dark claims

“Your Families running from Flames”

“Children swept away by Monsoon Rains”

As we cry let it be the tale of your elite UN tribe

These leaders who only know how to bleat and run and hide


Conditional to the air you breathe within a smoke does rise

From a workers pit of scorching heat and burning demon eyes

To hold accounts for all the money people and their web of lies

Oh Great Chief Spider how we will honour you

When all the leaders and snake oil sellers come forth to kneel to you

But then you must do what we require of you.


Let Golden spiders face down mighty sounding men

Who do not serve the earth or a pendragons pen

We call upon those blessed witches of the Blair

Who make a berry Jam both sweet and rare

And sing their incantations and their spells of truth or dare

Jonny Venus Cartwheels as he sings his “mamma told me not to come”

And creates songs with us which leave your foolish plans undone


“Oh Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble”

“Old fossils and their dealers will go to rubble”

“That wrecking ball your riding Richi”

“Has something of a smell too fishy”

“So let us make you strawberry jam”

“Its fresh from our fair city man!”

“Our Strawberries and 13 popped cherries”

“Raspberries and 13 sweet Black berries”

“Make up our favourite berry Clan/Flan.”


You rape our youths and our futures place

For your empty heart and crueler tastes

So we cook a jam of rare delight

To put you to your shame or fright

For all our fruiting flowers sweet tears

Will by their pleas manifest your fears


The scorpion king he wears a crown

The torment for you in your night Gown

Your burning love gains you hot nob rot

Is your financial ambition quite that hot

A financial family running from flames

You may seek death but all you will get is pain


Abbadon the king of death holds back his breath

His blessed key of sweet piercing Agony

You cannot die this Kingdoms Come

This is your trail to the new Eden

This Agony and Ecstasy make such strange bed fellows

For sinner saints and fair and fallen angels


Pleasure or pain is how you serve Gods claim

New Natural orders come at the end of this corruption

Jacobs Ladder sets you on the stair

The meek stand at the top in clean air

But you will have to climb from your despair


Do you finally realise your money is now just paper

No one cares to help those with a history as a raper


Another financial family running from the flames

You may seek death but all you will get is pain

And when you hear the wings of change

That Scorpion Song will have you scream again

So how many months should we run our game

My Killer whales tell me that the bibles time is not quite the same


So I suggest you think hard about the children of tomorrow

For this world calls for your wind falls or you will inherit such sorrow

This kingdom Unites and is a blessed place a commonwealth of bravehearts too

So if you want to enjoy this race learn to be a servant to this earth renewed.


This is my poem and prayer for the new earth and to hold the leaders to true account or suffer dire consequences. For we are a great tribe of common people united the world over for truth and justice and you will see us serving you in cafes, hotels, bars and restaurants. We make your beds and cut your grass and care for you in hospital retail parks on buses in airports and even sit with you in class.

“Let us magnify and manifest this across all our nations for we are all united under God and the coming rainbow kingdom. In Jesus Name,  Jonathan Proctor Amen.”

Blessed Be written by Jon Proctor and Lucy Pendragon.   July 31st 2022   

To release for 2 Moon month Supermoon and Blue Moon August

Ps if you want the strawberry jam recipe just let me know its got a few secret ingredients of course. 😊