Having effective measurement systems are key to delivering change. Poor measurements lead to unforeseen problems.

This has been born out with a number of sustainability goals which although worthy at their outset have led to major problems in the past from the high rise building developments in the 1960’s to the use of over-cladding in the Grenfell tower. Agricultural “improvements” have led to soil depletion, habitat loss and poor welfare. In the hospitality industry developments have led to excessive flights, exploitative workers practices and major waste issues.

Effective and positive KPI’s can help you develop your business along sustainable lines and be more profitable which can then be invested in more positive actions.

We have a 7 element KPI system as a core and can work with you to refine these and even deliver on a broader set which will connect your business objectives to sustainable development goals like those outlines by the UN.

SEA designed an audit system which over an 8 year period achieved


These are just the easily measurable achievements and are complimented with major social and ethical benefits, conservation improvements to both buildings and habitats and a huge leap in environmental awareness with staff and stakeholders.