To Identify waste saving opportunities in business you need a creative imagination and a technical knowledge. SEA Ltd excel in these areas and we can deliver significant cost savings and sustainability benefits for your business.

With over 30 years of waste minimisation audits from a 1997 strategic study of waste minimisation in the Scottish Islands to recent audits for a hotel chain which discovered over 7 million pounds per annum in savings the potential exists to find hidden gold in your existing business as well as a gold mine for future benefits.

Be under no doubt your competitors will be considering their sustainability programmes and so you should consider us.

Much of our work can help you re-engineer your products and services around strong ethical and sustainability characteristics which will deliver you significant market advantage.

If you like our journey so far just consider what we could do together.

Of course savings alone should not be the only driver improvements in quality also go hand in hand. Some products although popular may not be very sustainable and so information and choice editing can be used to encourage good practice. Changing from fresh orange juice from Florida to a local apple juice will save approximately 3000 food miles for your breakfast. This example is from Devon who took it up with good results.

This is just one of a great many projects and ideas we can help you identify and present to your guests to help you transform your impact, your image and your loyal customers.